About SeeFeel


SeeFeel is founded by designer Rachel Lourens (1994). She studied Fashion & Textile technologies at Saxion. When working on her graduation thesis she did research into the wants and needs of women with a visual impairment when it comes to clothes and shopping. She’s always been fascinated by fabric manipulation and realized this can make a big difference for the visually impaired when applied to garments. Quickly her graduation thesis grew into a real clothing brand focused on a cleaner and more inclusive fashion industry. Rachel is committed to involve the target group in thinking of new possibilities for SeeFeel.

Description of Rachel’s appearance: Rachel has blonde, light curly hair that reaches over her shoulders. She has green/grey eyes and wears glasses (she has 5 pairs of glasses, so it differs each day which one she wears). She is 1.75 meters tall.

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Are you curious what SeeFeel is all about? Watch the video below.