Colorblocking dress with small cuts


This straight sporty dress has a round neckline and a short sleeve. The length of the dress is just below the knee. This dress has two layers: the top layer is a darkblue stretch fabric. On the front of this top layer are small cuts, starting from the bust until the bottom of the dress. The stripes are places vertically and are about two centimeters long. Each row of cuts is slightly offset from the row next to it. Beneath the toplayer is an ochre colored layer, also stretch. The movement of the body causes the cuts to open up and you can see the yellow fabric through the blue toplayer. The cuts are tangible and give an interesting look to the dress.

The dress is made from an ecological fabric called Tencel. This is a smooth knit fabric that feels soft to the touch. Do you want to know more about Tencel? Read about it at ‘our materials’.