Our story

SeeFeel is a fashion brand focused on a fashion industry that is fairer and more inclusive. What sets SeeFeel apart from other fashion brands, is that all the garments are fully inclusive for women with a visual impairment. By adding tangible details to the garments, it will become possible for women with a visual impairment to have a positive and easy shop experience. Details like the use of braille in garments and on the clothing labels; labels that clearly show what the front and back of a garment is and which garments match and tangible prints make the shopping experience much easier if you can’t see. All the garments are tasteful and timeless, they catch the eye without screaming for attention.

Design and development of SeeFeel products take place in our studio in Apeldoorn. We produce locally so we can assure an ethical work environment. Are you curious about the fabrics we use in our garments? Read the information at ‘sustainability’.

By buying SeeFeel, you give a voice to a cleaner and a more inclusive fashion industry. Together we can make a change!

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