Leeuwarder Courant


Clothing company SeeFeel designs womenswear for people with a visual impairment. “I want everyone to feel welcome.”

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Fashion United


‘Someone with a visual impairment doesn’t care what he or she looks like, because they can’t see themselves.’ This is one of many wrong opinions about garments for people with a visuel impairment.

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Omroep Gelderland


Picking out clothes can be very difficult for someone with a visual impairment. That is why designer Rachel Lourens made a clothing collection for the blind and visually impaired. She’s also campagning for more accessible stores to help people with a disability.

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Cleantech Regio


Rachel Lourens from Deventer, graduated from Saxion, designs sustainable and inclusive garments in her atelier in Apeldoorn. That is to say, she uses sustainable materials and the garments are especially practical for people with a visual disability. ‘I’m now researching how I can become circular.’

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In The Netherlands about 300.000 people are blind or have a visual impairment. To be honest, I never really thought about how difficult it can be to buy clothes independently. Just imagine the texts on the clothing labels. If you can’t read those well, it can be pretty difficult. Or how do you find the right color?

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Harper’s Bazaar


Adjusted garments that are more than just functional. It exists, but it’s a search. Mayke, Alicia and Rachel want to make a change. Not only people with a disability feel fashionable but you will to.

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18 October 2021

“We’re at Dutch Design Week, where there’s a designer who developed clothing labels with braille to make clothing stores more inclusive.”

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MARE Amsterdam


You open your wardrobe and see all the patterns, colours and different pieces you’ve collected over the years. Yet with all these garments, you can’t find anything you want to wear. Now imagine seeing nothing. Makes it even harder doesn’t it?

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Dutch Design Week

16 t/m 24 October 2021

Today’s world is focused more and more on inclusivity. Then why is the fashion industry falling behind? When dealing with a visual impairment, shopping can become hard work instead of a fun pastime. Isn’t it time for a change?

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De Stentor


Positive reactions and orders after the fashion show for visually impaired people. “Once this gets going, it could get very big,” says fashion designer Rachel Lourens.

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Finally there is a clothing line for women with a visual impairment: SeeFeel. And thanks to Rachel Lourens (26), who graduated this month with the garments she designed from the Fashion Textile Technologies course. Now it is time for the next step: get it done!

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”A subtle strip of fabric has been sewn onto the back of each garment, identifying the back. The clothing of the brand in the making SeeFeel is mainly in dark colors. “Spots are less noticeable there than with light colors.”

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De Stentor


Blind women want to be dressed just as nicely as others. Preferably in easy clothing that they can buy independently. But there is no brand to offer this in the fashion industry in the Netherlands. Until Rachel Lourens (26) designs the special clothing line SeeFeel. A gift from heaven.

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Het AD


“Sometimes a sales employee has no patience or, even more crazy, the guide dog is not allowed to come inside.”

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Radio 1


“Clothing for blind women? That’s nice and easy, they don’t see what they are wearing and don’t care about looks. “A comment I heard several times when explaining my collection. What a misconception.

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