Hoodie dress Pitrus


This dress is made from a thicker stretch fabric. The length of the dress is just above the knee. The dress has a hood that can be laced using a thin cord. The dress is divided into strips that alternately use the front (smooth) and back (rough) of the fabric. There are three smooth strips, twenty centimeters wide and two rough strips, fifteen centimeters wide. The dress has long sleeves and the sleeves and bottom of the dress are finished with a four centimeter binding made of the rough side of the fabric. The color of the fabric is grape purple.

This dress is made from organic cotton. Do you want to know more about organic cotton? Read about it at ‘sustainability‘.

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80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester

Made in the Netherlands


Measurements size L:

Chest width: 116 cm

Hip width: 110 cm

Upper arm width: 44 cm

Length: 102 cm

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