It is important to SeeFeel to focus on a cleaner and more inclusive fashion industry. Because of this, we can’t have the lowest price. Do you want to know why?

When you buy a SeeFeel garment, you give your support to slow fashion. This means we invest time and energy in developing a sustainable garment that is completely inclusive for women with a visual impairment. We use materials with a low ecological footprint, produced under ethically responsible circumstances in Turkey.

The prototypes of every collection are being handmade in our studio in Arnhem. Our stock is being made by Fabriek Fris, a production company in Ede, who give people with a distance from the labor market employment opportunities. This way we make sure we produce garments that stand for a cleaner and more inclusive fashion industry.

We use fabrics from the brands MeetMilk and Mind the Maker. We mostly use Tencel (Lenzing and OEKO-TEX certified). Tencel can also be seen as the ecological responsible variant of viscose. The raw material for Tencel and viscose is wood pulp. This pulp is transformed into yarn through a chemical process. The difference between Tencel and viscose is that during the production process of Tencel natural, unharmful chemicals are being used that after the process, together with the used water, are being collected in order to reuse them. This creates a closed circle. Our fabrics are Lenzing, OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified.

The Tencel SeeFeel uses is produced in a modern factory in Turkey that meets high standards concerning environment and human rights. De factory uses wind energy and deals with wastewater and energy consumption in an ecologically responsible manner. Read more about this on the website of MeetMilk.

We also use organic cotton. With the production of organic cotton no harmful chemicals or pesticides are being used. Also, the farmers alternate between cotton and other crops so the soil doesn’t get exhausted. However, there is a lot of water used for organic cotton as well that isn’t, like with Tencel, being reused.

Are you curious about how the price of your favorite SeeFeel garment is structured? Send us a message and we will be happy to answer you.